how it works

Method of operation

The product has application with petrol (gasoline), paraffin (kerosene), diesel, LPG (propane) and fuel oil (bunker oil).

It works with internal combustion engines and with oil fired furnaces.

The product consists of metal alloy pellets housed in a stainless steel canister.

The canister is plumbed into the fuel supply line such that the fuel being supplied to the engine runs through the canister.

Through an electrochemical process within the canister, the water content of the fuel is reconstituted to its original components of hydrogen and oxygen. For readers who are not aware, all commercially available fuels (as distinct from laboratory grade ‘reference’ fuels) are saturated with water, “saturated” meaning >40ppm.

This change to the chemical composition of the fuel results in more complete fuel burn.

Effect of more complete fuel burn

  • reduced emissions. The reduction in hydrocarbons (unburned fuel), carbon monoxide (partly burned fuel), nitrous oxides and particulate matter is most substantial. Testing has shown that our product reduces these components by 20% and more and reduces diesel black smoke by 40% and more.
  • reduced fuel consumption. Engines in poor condition can achieve fuel savings as high as 20% after engine cleanup which, in turn, might take 10,000 kms of running. Engines in as new condition might show a fuel improvement of 5% but the Fuelstar will prevent the deterioration in fuel efficiency which would inevitably take place if he Fuelstar were not installed.
  • reduced soot. The reduction of soot in gasoline engines will vastly prolong spark plug life. In diesel engines it results in substantially reduced black smoke and much cleaner engine components such as turbo blades. See smoke test Melbourne and Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
  • reduced combustion and exhaust gas pressures. The reduction in EGT is such that valve life is substantially extended.

Fuelstar has been in existence for more than 25 years and has sold more than 2,000,000 units. All customers are happy, most more than happy, that the product works as claimed.

We have a sizable and factually verifiable body of Technical and Anecdotal evidence spanning more than 25 years that the product works as claimed, when installed and operated as per our Technical Specifications.

What is more – we have a money-back guarantee.