classic cars

Classic cars (those manufactured pre 1980’s) were designed to operate on leaded petrol (gasoline)


With petrol being phased out in many countries from mid 1990’s, these engines designed for leaded petrol were then rquired to run on lower octane unleaded (sans plomb) petrol.

The results in many cases were

  • valve damage (valve seat recession)
  • pinking and detonation
  • fouled spark plugs
  • loss of power

Fuelstar overcomes all of these problems.

There are other solutions available to prevent valve seat recession, such as liquid additives. However, they do not overcome pinking and detonation, spark plug fouling or loss of power. In fact they compound those problems.

Furthermore they represent an onging cost whereas Fuelstar provides a one time only, fit and forget solution.

The Fuelstar unit will last one million kms which will outlive the engine in most cases.

Fuelstar is unrivalled in enabling older engines designed for leaded petrol to operate on unleaded petrol.

typical classic cars installed with Fuelstar